2005: "The Old Shoe Syndrome", 12 x 12 Acrylics and Black/White Canned Enamel on Hardboard

I've long had this theme for a poem that I called "The Old Shoe Syndrome". It's about how a guy starts taking a gal for granted and she becomes like an old shoe sitting around the house . . . until it gets tossed out. In 2005 I did this "splash" painting on a piece of hardboard, and lo and behold, I found a lady who's had it and she's giving this guy the boot . . . with her old shoe. See all that sweat and frustration around her head, and her split heart there at the lower left? It turned out I did the artwork first, and then finally after many years mulling the idea over, wrote the poem for the painting. However--the poem isn't here in this website presentation yet.