"Fire", 24x36 Acrylics on Hardboard

All the instructors at UW-Superior were exceptional, highly respected and well known in the Twin Ports arts community. But one of them had a tendency to not understand what a humungous breakthrough I was making in my artist's lifetime transition as I entered into abstraction at my own speed, in my own necessary ways. One day he told me, "Why don't you just push paint around?"

So that's what I did. These are the colors I chose, and I brought in the 24x36 hardboard and started pushing paint around with my fingers. I didn't have in mind to deliberately paint fire; not at all. However, when I was done, I'd painted fire! Kinda looks like hell, too, if a viewer is of the mind to interpret those shapes and forms on the bottom as the devil's demons and their tragic victims . . . instead of the last particles of consumed logs. Yes, I did have people tell me . . . "That painting looks like hell!"