"1001 Dalmatians Have a Wild Party"--Yellow. Maybe 1999:

Many years ago a pile of 30" x 30" raw pulp paper sheets fell off a train on the railroad tracks near the 58th Street crossing in South Superior, where I lived at the time. A feisty senior fellow from the neighborhood found them and asked me if I could use them. He knew I was an artist. Sure. So, piecemeal, we hauled the pile out to the road, I put them in my car and drove them home and put them in the garage. Well, that heavy pile of paper would follow me around and around and around for God knows how many miles; and I only used them to pack between paintings to protect them during transport to art fairs. But this time I took out some good sheets (some had holes in them--they were just pressed, dried, paper pulp); and I did some more paintings. Here are my favorite two, one yellow and the other red.

This is only one yellow painting, but I photographed parts of it to provide close-up details of those partying Dals. For the time being, included are only three of those detail shots.