"The Creation of Color", 28x40 Acrylics

Still continuing in a drip, drop, drizzle, splash technique, I started to play with spraying water into the paint. For this technique the canvas MUST stay flat on a table! And my droppings of Acrylic tube paints were smaller, and sometimes in chunks of paint as I was also going for texture once the paint dried. This particular painting was central to a big project: To do the same technique for each of the primary and secondary colors, and their variations, and eventually hang the whole set on a wall with its parts butted up next to each other.

Well, to shorten a probable 26-year long story, one of the students in the class bugged me with no mercy to buy the green 24x36. I relented. However, I've never done another. I also gave the red one to another who wanted it; and it was a special situation. Third . . . I never did do the orange/red-orange painting! Someday I'll finish this and it can hang on the wall of my envisioned museum of art.