"COSMIC ABSTRACT REALISM"... Astronomy Art - DorisSampson-LensCanvas

1984: "Nebula", 50" x 60". Permanent Collection, not for sale. Commission for a new Original is possible in almost any size. My first major 'astronomy painting' was an impressionistic-abstract style and technique using Acrylics and canned flat black enamel. I didn't have canvas as large as I wanted at the time, so I used stretchy denim fabric my mother had bought for sewing puposes. Of course, I primed it with gesso first. The work was loosely based on a small photo of a nebula with similar colors. I fell in love with the subject--deep space imagery--but would never return to it until 24 years later! Now it is my current genre of painting. Commissions of YOUR favorite astro-images are welcome and encouraged! "Elephant Trunk Nebula 2" was a 2009 request.