2015 SPRING CATALOG & Order Form 03/20/15 - DorisSampson-LensCanvas

NYC #1: NEWS RELEASE: "Brooklyn Bridge, Twilight Hope": 2015 - 30x40 Acrylic Painting by Doris Sampson

Midwest artist, Doris Sampson, is widely recognized for her historic Great Lakes shipping industry paintings of freighters; and photography across the five Inland Seas shot during numerous trips aboard both old “straight-deckers” (without their own unloading booms); and the more recent thousand-foot-long carriers of coal and taconite ore pellets from her home port of Duluth, Minnesota, to power plants and steel mills along the Lower Lakes.

During the last quarter of 2014 she was surprised to receive a commission for an original acrylic painting of New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge. Believing in her ability to render images of extreme detail, she accepted the challenge.

And indeed the task would become both the challenge and triumph of her 50 year career as an artist, 2015 being that anniversary year. Sampson considers the 30x40 rendering, on her artist-stretched and prepared canvas, “. . . the lifetime Masterpiece of my career . . . I am amazed and thrilled at how accurately my professional photo lab here in Duluth retained both the color quality and tiny image details I brushed onto my canvas: “Brooklyn’s Bridge, Twilight Hope”! Let me now welcome folks who have followed my work for decades, as well as new friends in my Contacts, to take advantage of my Publication Launch of two different Giclee Print Series! ”